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Co-opting the calendar

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Personal shoppers

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For brands

Brand Perfect is for brands who want to be where their customers are. It's about using technology to deliver a richer user experience and improved brand performance. That means building relationships with the smartest developers and designers, sharing best practice, and gaining insight into the latest industry developments. Brand Perfect is not only where the conversation takes place, but where the ideas generated by it are built and tested.

Brand Perfect is steered by our members, who include influential names in several industry sectors. By joining, you will be shaping the conversation and taking the lead.

For designers

Brand Perfect is for design agencies who want to work with forward-thinking brands and ground-breaking developers. Our members are interested in tapping into the true potential of technology to create more imaginative and immersive brand experiences. By joining, you become part of that continuing conversation.

For developers

Brand Perfect is the main industry movement for branding in the digital environment. It’s a common platform where developers, design agencies and brands exchange insights, build understanding and share expertise. Brands want to bring their message to life across all media formats, but need the input of developers to learn about the opportunities and constraints involved in the development process. This is where that conversation takes place.