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About Brand Perfect

Who we are

Brand Perfect is a collaborative worldwide network of brands, designers and developers exploring what branding means today. We provide a platform for members to share knowledge across industry boundaries, create new insights and valuable alliances, and generate and test practical outcomes.

What we do

We provide brands with the insight to create seamless, technology-enabled experiences for their customers. We also help make major brand projects more efficient and economical, and improve the relationship between brands, agencies and developers. We do this by:

  • Reducing the complexity of designing and implementing brand experiences across media and technologies by defining best practice
  • Providing brands with insight through specific industry research
  • Learning what brands need from agencies and developers, then conveying this to the technology industry and standards bodies, as well back to the agencies and developers
  • Helping brands understand what agencies need from a brief, and connecting them with like-minded designers and developers so that better brand experiences can be delivered with lower costs and shorter delivery times

Where it began

Brand Perfect is an initiative by Monotype, a leading provider of type, technology and expertise. We launched it because there was no single platform where brands, agencies and developers could share knowledge to improve brand performance and user experience. Brand Perfect operates as an open, collaborative model that is steered by our partners and members.

Out in the world

Brand Perfect has been featured in Forbes, Management Today, Econsultancy, Creative Review, Contagious, The Drum, Brand Republic and many other respected publications. And that was before we even came out of beta.