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  • Feature by Brand Perfect – 19 Dec 2014

    We’re taking a break for some festive merriment. Thanks to all those who read our reports and features and attended our events this year. See you all in 2015…

  • Feature by Amy Aylward – 17 Dec 2014

    This year’s proved a busy time for Monotype as a whole and not just Brand Perfect. Here’s a month-by-month account of some of the most interesting activity the company’s been involved with, including supporting the homeless fonts initiative, teaming up with champion boxers and celebrating 100 years of great design… 

  • Case study by Ed Owen – 16 Dec 2014

    If digital advertising leaves you flummoxed, you are not alone. Some large players have assembled one-stop shops for brands to run campaigns with less fuss. These advertising ‘stacks’ are attractive to marketers as they can help to make campaigns easier to run and use data more efficiently…

  • Feature by Brand Perfect – 11 Dec 2014

    In these three new video talks, our speakers focus on the state of online marketing and advertising, what HTML5 can do for brands, and the benefits of web typography to building consistent brand experiences…

  • Feature by David Nield – 08 Dec 2014

    How will the Apple Watch change the apps landscape? It won’t be going on sale until spring 2015, but developers already have their hands on WatchKit, the development tools that allow them to create apps for the new wearable. Will brands and agencies with iOS apps have to bring out a new Apple Watch app too?