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  • Feature by Eliza Williams – 29 Aug 2014

    The ice-bucket challenge is just the latest in a long line of stunt-led ad campaigns that have been supercharged by social media. Eliza Williams traces their development…

  • Feature by Angus Montgomery – 27 Aug 2014

    Automotive brands have had a bit of a bumpy ride of late. They have been met with not just the challenges of the economic downturn, but also of rising fuel prices and increasingly tight emissions charges. Now they’re also faced with the prospect of major internet brands encroaching on their roads, what does the future hold?

  • Feature by David Nield – 26 Aug 2014

    The new generation of tech startups — nimble, innovative, disruptive — are busy attracting the attention of the major players in the game, but there’s a growing trend towards a hands-off approach whenever a big acquisition is agreed…

  • Feature by Neil Ayres – 20 Aug 2014

    I’m pleased to announce a new feature from Brand Perfect, our Spoken Essays series, which starts today with Emma Rugg reading Design Week editor Angus Montgomery’s ‘How can brands join the internet of things’…

  • Feature by D&AD – 19 Aug 2014

    In this piece for D&AD, David Sheldon-Hicks, creative director of motion at Territory Studio, explores the brave new design world of virtual reality…