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  • Report by Brand Perfect – 28 Oct 2014

    Our new report, exploring how the ‘internet of things’ is evolving and what this means for brands and consumers, is available now, free to members in print and digital for desktops, smartphones, 7" and 10" tablets…

  • Feature by Dave Cochrane – 27 Oct 2014

    Having previously investigated the technology of mapping, Dave Cochrane follows up with a look at how semantic cartography can aid the fight against global threats…

  • Feature by Ed Owen – 24 Oct 2014

    Now Apple has joined Google in embracing Near Field Communication, the mobile payments industry is likely to take-off after a long gestation period. NFC will not just allow payments however, but other kinds of digital-real world interactions…

  • Feature by Judith Paskin – 23 Oct 2014

    As mobile technology continues to revolutionise our lives, it is inevitable that buying a house joins the list of activities performed on-the-go. But has mobilising the process of house-buying resulted in saving time, stress and money, or has it simply focused your anxiety onto your handheld device?

  • Case study by Ed Owen – 20 Oct 2014

    YouTube has been a fixture of the internet since its formation back in 2005. Its astonishing growth has been just the beginning. As active monthly users hit 1 billion, Google has decided to awaken its sleeping giant…