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  • Feature by Ed Owen – 24 Oct 2014

    Now Apple has joined Google in embracing Near Field Communication, the mobile payments industry is likely to take-off after a long gestation period. NFC will not just allow payments however, but other kinds of digital-real world interactions…

  • Feature by Judith Paskin – 23 Oct 2014

    As mobile technology continues to revolutionise our lives, it is inevitable that buying a house joins the list of activities performed on-the-go. But has mobilising the process of house-buying resulted in saving time, stress and money, or has it simply focused your anxiety onto your handheld device?

  • Feature by Dave Cochrane – 16 Oct 2014

    Brand Perfect’s Dave Cochrane, visual imaging lecturer at UCOL and ex-aircraft navigator, looks at how increasing access to map technology is making life easier for many, and how it might once again come to open up new frontiers…

  • Feature by David Nield – 15 Oct 2014

    For those of us who’ve been living with the web for twenty years, it has a reassuringly familiar feel. It’s the big companies from the most developed nations on earth who set the tone, but the Internet’s population is rapidly changing…

  • Feature by Daniel Benneworth-Gray – 13 Oct 2014

    As the seasonal flurry of promotional calendars gets set to hit our doormats and office desks, Daniel Benneworth-Gray wonders at the displacement of Roman emperors and gods from the traditional Gregorian calendar by an entire year’s worth of good causes and brand-originated puns…