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Design for Publishing

In partnership with Monotype and the Type Directors Club (TDC), before we scale the heights of Condé Nast Towers, Brand Perfect is going informal, with an evening devoted to publishing design in all its forms.

Chaired by esteemed publication designer and educator Dr Mario R Garcia, the evening looks at the implications of technology advances in publishing, and what this means for designers.

As well as Mario’s own talk, type heavyweight Steve Matteson (in conversation in the CNET video below) will be talking e-text typefaces.

After that, Contagious’ Katrina Dodd will host a panel that spans design, technology and brands. She’ll find out what Steve, along with the TDC’s Graham Clifford, user experience expert Chris Liu, magazine creative director Robert Newman and Quartz’s editor-in-chief Kevin J Delaney make of the assertion that you need to ‘embrace technology or die’.

Then it’s time for the cocktails and canapés.

If you’re in New York or thereabouts, and are interested in coming along, there are still a few limited spaces available. Get 'em here.


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