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  • Case study by Ed Owen – 20 Oct 2014

    YouTube has been a fixture of the internet since its formation back in 2005. Its astonishing growth has been just the beginning. As active monthly users hit 1 billion, Google has decided to awaken its sleeping giant…

  • Case study by Fran Taylor – 17 Oct 2014

    British Library marketer Fran Taylor speaks with the project leads for the Southbank Centre’s current collaborative website redesign. The redesign is taking place as part of the Southbank’s #WebWeWant Festival, which is supporting Tim Berners-Lee’s campaign to reclaim the web for the public…

  • Case study by David Nield – 09 Oct 2014

    At an exclusive press event at Apple in September, U2 walked on stage to announce their new album, and every one of the 500 million users registered with iTunes was about to get it, free of charge, with the push of a button. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Case study by D&AD – 02 Oct 2014

    Eye-tracking technology is over 100 years old, but it’s only over the last 12 years that it’s become reliable enough to be used in high volume research. UK-based company Lumen uses the tech to prove that creativity can look great and drive effectiveness…

  • Case study by Neil Ayres – 30 Sep 2014

    Intending to answer this appetite for short, sharp content, Brandsonvine founder Michael Litman has launched Burst, which bills itself as the UK’s first micro-content specialist agency…