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  • Case study by Framestore – 23 Apr 2014

    Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón’s remarkable film, has enjoyed fantastic critical success, collecting enough stars from reviewers to fill the galaxy it devotedly depicts. But how were its stunning images made? The film’s mesmerising imagery was created in London’s Soho; a Hollywood blockbuster made in Britain…

  • Feature by Brand Perfect – 16 Apr 2014

    Brand Perfect takes a look at how brands like Harrods and T-Mobile are using digital technology such as social media and gamification techniques to manage personnel and improve workplace motivation and morale…

  • Case study by Daniel Benneworth-Gray – 14 Apr 2014

    “Anyone who says a that a manual is a creative straitjacket is a moron…” So says design maestro Massimo Vignelli in his introduction to a new book from Unit Editions. But in today’s dynamic, digital-first world, is there a place for the brand guides of yore?

  • Feature by Brand Perfect – 10 Apr 2014

    The ease of access offered by the internet means we all like to know more about any ailments we may encounter. Entering symptoms into a search engine and self-diagnosing can be all too tempting, but what technologies are embedded in healthcare that can really make a difference?

  • Opinion by Brand Perfect – 09 Apr 2014

    Following on from his tongue-in-cheek brand stories based on classic children’s tales, award-winning writer Nick Asbury is interviewed by Acacia Avenue’s Martin Lee about when storytelling is appropriate for brands…