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  • Case study by Daniel Benneworth-Gray – 14 Apr 2014
  • Case study by Emma Tucker – 08 Apr 2014

    Burlingame, a new typeface from Monotype, has been designed with the automotive industry in mind, but, as its designer explains, has wider applications for use…

  • Case study by Eliza Williams – 01 Apr 2014

    Last month, LA-based fashion brand Wren put a film on YouTube that featured 20 strangers kissing for the first time. Something about the film chimed with the public, and in the space of two weeks the film had picked up 70 million views. First Kiss arrives at an interesting moment for fashion in film, one Eliza Williams takes a closer look at…

  • Case study by D&AD – 12 Mar 2014

    In this interview, D&AD speak to Filip Jan Depauw, senior director of connected lighting for Philips, about the success of Hue, it’s internet-enabled lighting system, and the company’s views on collaboration…

  • Case study by Daniel Benneworth-Gray – 17 Feb 2014

    RoboCop first clanked across the big screen in 1987. Two rather disappointing sequels followed, in 1990 and 1993. And then, that was it. No more films… until now. How did a franchise left to wander the box office wilderness for 21 years remain such a strong brand?