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Get involved

Perfect partners

Partnership is integral to the way Brand Perfect works. We were set up as an initiative by Monotype, because there was no other single platform where brands, agencies and developers could share knowledge to improve brand performance and user experience. From day one, we have operated as an open, collaborative model that is steered by our partners and members. 

By becoming a partner, you demonstrate leadership in digital media and put yourself at the heart of the conversation. We extend this invitation to brands, agencies and developer companies who are already successful in their own right when it comes to delivering branded experiences in digital media.    

The benefits of partnership

  • Get involved in the design of the programme
  • Host events or take part as speakers
  • Showcase work in the Brand Perfect Gallery
  • Benefit from exposure in media campaigns and activities
  • Set questions for our research projects and access the findings early
  • Take part in free private Master Classes exclusively for partners

How it works

Partners can get on board for the long term or just for one project. Either way, we will discuss a partner donation to the activities that we determine together. This could take the form of a payment or services in kind, such as providing an event venue or unique content and speakers.


Be a Contributor

Brand Perfect is about sharing experience. We want to hear about all your favourite projects and collaborations. If you’ve worked on or seen something inspirational lately, have learnt a thing or two, or just want to post something you think more people should know about, then this is the place to share it.

As well as providing you with a place to air your opinions and advice, being a Brand Perfect Contributor entitles you to lots of lovely benefits, including free VIP entry to our events, a 20% discount off Contagious magazine, and a preview of new font releases from Monotype.

You can ask to become a Contributor as soon as you’re registered, or you can experience Brand Perfect first and apply later.

Comment and learn

If you want to keep up with the news and find interesting people to connect with, then join now. You’ll get your own profile on the site, along with the tools and space to collect together all your favourite stuff online, which you can share with other networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow other members of our community, and view features, interviews, tutorials and case studies from leading experts in branding, design, typography and development and technology.

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